Q: How Is Our Market Post-Lockdown?
By bakkenareahomes-chime-me June 12, 2020
I’m sharing how our real estate market is doing after lockdown.

What does our post-lockdown real estate market look like? The coronavirus hasn’t gone away, but lockdowns all over the country are easing. Due to this, we receive many calls from people who are unsure about our market. 

Shelly, an agent on our team, submitted five offers on homes for four clients in the last week alone, and three of them were accepted. Last week, a house one of my buyers was looking at received six offers. There’s a ton of demand, and people are buying. Though there have been layoffs in the oil fields, we aren’t seeing a doomsday-type scenario in the market as some might think. The 24-hour news cycle isn’t always accurate to our specific market.

There’s a ton of demand, and people are buying.

Check out our monthly market update on our website by clicking “Williston Market Report.” We hire an economist who analyzes the market data and creates a great, concise report. 

If you’re considering selling, we can build a customized plan to ensure your property is as appealing as possible (staged professionally, properly photographed, etc.) to get top dollar. 

Give me a call or send an email if you have questions about our market or a particular home. I hope to speak with you soon.

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